Militia are armed groups that are drawn from the local populace, and their variety is usually only matched by their mutual dislike. Some militia forces are semi-organised paramilitary defence groups, however many others are vigilantes, members of street gangs, enforcers for organised crime, or thuggish malcontents out for some easy loot. Only the best organised of militias have any kind of recognisable uniform, though many have some kind of group identification, be it armbands, tattoos, badges, clothing style, hairstyle etc.
Militia are invariably equipped with a motley selection of weaponry, ranging from home made explosives, knives and small calibre pistols, through to hunting rifles, shotguns and obsolete or black market military grade weapons.

Miliz  Miliz
Weibliche Miliz  Weibliche Miliz

Yokai Snipe

Jagged bones shifting beneath their gaunt limbs, the Yokai skulk their way through the shadowed rubble of Iskandria, the momentary glint of their keen knives or their hate-filled eyes the only sign of their presence. Masters of surprise and ambush, these stunted beings were thought a legend of the Triad underworld until the Koralon Incursion.
Snipe, like a growing number of his brethren, can be hired by any field commander willing to pay his price. But like all Yokai, his mischievous and unpredictable nature can occasionally lead them to regret his presence on the field.

You can download the rules for the Yokai Snipe by clicking here

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